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Gail McNiece



Gail launched McNiece College Consulting in 2014, through which she personally visits more than 25 colleges per year.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Business (Marketing), and has completed graduate coursework in Counseling. Prior to 2014, she worked in all facets of college admissions at institutions from small liberal arts colleges to large flagship universities. Her experiences ranged from Admissions Counselor to Director of Admissions, and throughout it all has gained an astute understanding of the behind-the-scenes enrollment process. Gail has also worked as a consultant to colleges and universities, offering support with business decisions related to admissions, financial aid, student satisfaction and


Gail serves many New England families, but also enjoys working with those from across the country. She thrives on collaborating with students of different strengths and academic aptitudes, never asking their GPA or test scores before committing her services to them- because fit is more than numbers. Throughout the college application journey, Gail helps students uncover their unique strengths and apply them in ways that the schools of their choice value. Her students together with their families ultimately make informed choices based on the clarity Gail offers, her expert analytics, the students’ personalities, their interests, and their unique goals.

Gail McNiece
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